I Save at iPrice as One Stop Shopping Destination

With so many online shops are emerging, you might be wondering what store will you gonna choose for online shopping. We always look for a better service, best price and have of coupons to use.

As a frequent online shopper myself, I always look for something more like practical yet satisfying online experience in terms of buying stuff for myself or for a gift to my love ones.

The list of online shops goes on and on but you got to believe that their is always the best. That’s how I bumped into iPrice. Wonder what do they have?


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Midnight Mayhem at Lazada

Midnight Mayhem at Lazada this August 15 at 12:01AM
Take advantage of outrageous discounts of up to 80% on select items with the best deals from www.lazada.com.ph

Lazada Midnight SaleAugust 15 – it’s a payday-Friday and where will you be when the clock strikes midnight? Lazada – the Philippines’ Biggest Online Shopping Mall is offering its shoppers the chance to enjoy up to 80% off on select items across all categories and to add on to the insane discounts, Lazada is also offering the best shopping deals all for you! Continue reading

Mothers’ Day Special

Twice I reflected, wrote and dedicated a song for my father but never mentioned about my mother except about Mary, the mother of Jesus, a typical Jew, a faithful, simple, humble and modest woman of her time. I am impelled to write about my own mother when I found that a mother, who is trying to balance her motherhood, being a wife and a student, was able to come across my reflections. Continue reading

Seeing Casinos in a Different Light

How gaming establishments are helping make the world a better place?

Upon hearing the word “casino,” several people immediately attach negative connotations to it. Some deem it as an immoral place where people just waste their time and money, while others quickly judge it as a place that offers nothing more than a otherworldly environment. While it’s true that casinos are avenues for people who pay good money to spend hours playing slot machines and table games, not a lot of people know that these gaming establishments are about more than just the stereotypical labels that people have attached to them. In fact, today’s modern casinos can be considered unsung heroes of our society.

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Choosing a Christmas Present for Her

Her message, “Christmas gift for me, bro!” And she was referring to a book entitled, “The Five People You Meet in Heaven” by Mitch Albom.

I was expecting her to ask something written by Tom Clancy, or maybe a classic one by the English poet and playwright, William Shakespeare or maybe the book written by Malala Yousafzai, the Pakistani school pupil and education activist from the town of Mingora of Pakistan. Continue reading

Shop for Christmas

We have been to S&R twice. And just today, I found out a lot of stuff on sale.

Their Christmas deals has just started until the 6th of January. So today, I got most of my food supplies at S&R Davao.

S&R is a membership-shopping store. Apply for membership and start shopping as early as possible to avoid holiday rush!


My Personal Lazada Shopping Experience

It’s been a long time that I’ve been considering to own a portable powerbank for my devices. I wanted to have a reliable and yet affordable power bank. I settled with Lazada Philippines, now a fast online shopping store, for my portable power bank.

Even after comparing it with other online shopping sites, I felt it more comfortable buying from Lazada Philippines. It’s one of many ways in helping our local online retail companies boost our economy.

Just in five business days (November 30), I received my powerbank, paid it by Cash-on-delivery basis, the SSK 1100 mah Power Bank thru one of Lazada’s delivery services.  Continue reading

Travel for Leisure Ends

From my previous blog entries, you might be wondering of what the heck I’m doing here in Hong Kong. It’s neither a travel for leisure nor pleasure nor a summer vacation! You may say, “You’ve been here and there,” But honestly, I have been here and there! Cheung Chua Island? Lantau Island? Hong Kong side? Mainland? and Many other places! All are my first time!  Continue reading

Hong Kong: More Than Just A Good Place for Exposure

You may think that my educational exposure will be confined inside the school campuses only where I am supposed to stay. That’s what I thought at first, too! But indeed, there are other good places you can find worthy to visit while staying in Hong Kong.

This entry is all about my two-day adventure, an opportunity given to me by the generous people here at Saint Francis Xavier’s College in Kowloon. Thanks to Mr. Iu (Yo), the Vice Principal of the school, the Superior of the community and of course, the two SFXC boys who accompanied me for two days: Henry Yan and Steven Wong. Although I had my other exposures together with a Brother few days ago, this one is different. Continue reading